Wholesale Vinyl Privacy Gate

When it comes to Wholesale Vinyl Privacy Gate, they are not all created equal and I can’t tell you how many times a vinyl gates sag right after its hung. Most vinyl gates are made by using the vinyl fence rail as uprights and a fence panel as the gate. It is assembled similar to the installation of the fence. Here is the problem because vinyl fence isn’t built opening and closing on a daily basis. A vinyl gate is however made to be used on a daily basis, so, why in the world would you build your gate like the fence panel? Please don’t do this! It will fall apart!Vinyl framed gates are screwed together at the corners, some use an insert on the post to add rigidness and others use foam blocks on the inside. Others just screw the rails to the post and call it good. A gate like this is hinged on one side, leaving the other side to hang free. Without support the gate will sag immediately!

Wholesale Vinyl Privacy Gate
Vinyl Privacy Gate


Wholesale Vinyl Privacy Gate with Steel Frame

Our privacy gates are made with reinforced steel frames and we use galvanized steel because it is the  best material you can use for the frame. Galvanize will help with rusting, steel is much stronger than aluminum so it will not flex or bend over time. Aluminum is soft, over time the screws will work themselves loose making your gate less rigid. Your gate will eventually sag If you notice your gate is sagging, it’s because the post was not set proper making the post lean and pull out of level or you need to adjust the hinges. All of our latches and hinges are able to be adjusted because the ground is moving. We have to make sure that the gate is able to be adjustable for this reason. When it ii cold the ground will rise and then when it starts to warm up the ground will fall.

Wholesale Vinyl Privacy Gate Post

It does not matter how nice your gate might be if your hinge and latch post are not solid the gate will lean and pull, making your gate inoperable. Your hinge post needs a metal insert for rigidness and support. WE advise screwing the insert to the post and Your concrete base needs to be large, 15″ round or square by 3′ deep. Fill the hole with premixed concrete and drive the post into the wet concrete. When plumbing the post make sure you set the post slightly off level, in the opposite direction of the latch. Why would you do this? If the post is set slightly off level (make the plumb bubble almost touch the line) when hanging the gate it will offset by the weight of the gate pulling the post into a plumb position. Even if it doesn’t pull exactly plumb it will over a year. With the adjustable hinges we supply you can adjust the gate into a level position.

Check out our vinyl fence installation videos so you can see how the gates are assembled and hung.

Wholesale Vinyl Privacy Gate Shop

You are in luck, because the best gate store in the area is here. We manufacture all our gates with metal frames. This includes our vinyl and wood gates. By offering this feature we can build the gates you need that will last. If you visit our YOUTUBE Channel you can see how we make them and how strong they are. If you need specialty gates we can build them and deliver them straight to your font door.