Vinyl Privacy Lattice Gates

When it comes to gates, specifically Vinyl Privacy Lattice gates, they are not created equal and I can’t tell you how many times a vinyl gates sag right after its hung. Most vinyl gates are made by using the fence post as uprights and a fence panel as the gate. It is assembled similar to the installation of the fence.

. A vinyl fence isn’t built for daily use. A vinyl gate is used on a daily basis, so, why in the world would you build your gate like the fence panel? Please don’t do this! It will fall apart!

Vinyl framed gates are screwed together at the corners, some use an insert on the post to add rigidness and others use foam blocks on the inside. Others just screw the rails to the post and call it good. A gate like this is hinged on one side, leaving the other side to hang free. Without support the gate will sag immediately!

Vinyl Privacy Lattice Gates
White Lattice Gate

Vinyl Privacy Lattice Gates Steel Frame

Our privacy gates are made with reinforced steel frames. Galvanized steel is the best material you can use for the frame. Galvanize will help with rusting, steel is much stronger than aluminum so it will not flex or bend over time. Aluminum is soft, over time the screws will work themselves loose making your gate less rigid. Your gate will eventually sag.

Our gates will not sag. If you notice your gate is sagging, it’s because the post was not set proper making the post lean and pull out of level.

Also, for all the Do it yourself crowd we have a YOUTUBE Channel. In the videos you will find information to help you, so that you can learn how to plan out your project. Included in the videos are helpful tips from the pros we have built fence for more than 40 years. Please visit our channel and follow us for more information soon to come. Also check us out on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming sales.

Vinyl Privacy Lattice Gates Post

It does not matter how nice your gate is. If your hinge and latch post are not solid the gate will lean and pull, making your gate inoperable. Your hinge post needs a metal insert for rigidness and support.

WE advise screwing the insert to the post. Your concrete base needs to be large, 15″ round or square by 3′ deep. Fill the hole with premixed concrete and drive the post into the wet concrete. When plumbing the post make sure you set the post slightly off level,n the opposite direction of the latch. Why would you do this?

If the post is set slightly off level (make the plumb bubble almost touch the line) when hanging the gate it will offset by the weight of the gate pulling the post into a plumb position. Even if it doesn’t pull exactly plumb it will over a year. With the adjustable hinges we supply you can adjust the gate into a level position.

Check out our vinyl fence installation videos so you can see how the gates are assembled and hung.

Vinyl Privacy Lattice Fence 

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing supplies the best commercial grade lattice fence panels in the Nation. We set the standard of what quality is. On top of offering a great product, we also offer a great price. Quality matters, but price does too. If you are shopping for lattice fence panels you will find its not cheap. We try to offer the best prices online but we also try to offer the highest quality product possible.Privacy fence comes in many different styles and can be used with different materials.

Vinyl Privacy with Lattice Gates
Tan Vinyl Privacy with Lattice

Lattice Privacy Fence Vinyl mixes the privacy you are looking for with a decorative lattice top to add decoration and light. This beautiful fence will be sure to impress but it will also serve its purpose. Lattice privacy fence vinyl will offer security, privacy and ascetics.A privacy fence may be boring to some, so why not add some flash, some LATTICE flash. You can add a lattice topper to our most popular privacy vinyl fence.

Privacy lattice in combination creates a beautiful looking fence.If you are tired of seeing the same fences on every corner and want to stand out from the crowd. Try adding a lattice fence topper to your privacy fence. Lattice fence on a privacy profile looks beautiful.We know there are a lot of products to choose from out there.

It is our job to offer the documentation to help you make the best decision possible when ordering your fence. You will be in love with your lattice privacy fence. We promise. Our material is made from the best pvc on the market. What sets our fence aside from the competition is our extrusion process. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing uses todays best practices in extruding your lattice privacy fence.

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