Vinyl Picket Fence

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing’s elegant Vinyl Picket Fence designs can be the fulfillment of your American Dream. Offering a charming finish to your landscape, our classic vinyl picket fence panels secure property boundaries and add an element of refinement. Attractive and durable, they can last well into the future and will make you feel good about your investment for years to come.

They’re also easy to install! There’s no reason not to choose white picket fence panels for your site. Even better, when you buy a white vinyl picket fence from us you will get  better discount pricing. We’re proud to offer a prime selection of wholesale vinyl picket fences that can add a captivating element to your landscape. Also, at an affordable price you’ll love.

Also, for all the Do it yourself crowd we have a YOUTUBE Channel. In the videos you will find information to help you, so that you can learn how to plan out your project. Included in the videos are helpful tips from the pros we have built fence for more than 40 years. Please visit our channel and follow us for more information soon to come. Also check us out on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming sales.

Vinyl Picket Fence Panels

When purchasing your picket fence, you will notice that you will be ordering a panel. Our fence panels are not low-quality pre-assembled panels. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing only sells commercial-grade vinyl fences. None of our products are pre-assembled. Each panel consist of two pre-routed rails — a top rail and a bottom rail — with reinforcement and pickets. The pickets slide into the top rail and lock into the bottom rail. They are not glued or screwed in like the panels seen at a big-box store.

We are the nation’s largest manufacturer of fencing. Because of our buying power, we are able to pass our savings along to you. Normally, you would spend 30% more for our products if ordered from a retailer.

You can truly get discount fence panels when you purchase from us.

Wholesale Vinyl Picket Fence Panels

If you want to purchase white vinyl picket fence panels at wholesale prices, you have come to the right place. If you are purchasing for a small project, you will realize automatic savings just from buying from us.

If you are a contractor or fence distributor buying for large-scale jobs, you will save even more. With Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, you achieve the biggest savings when purchasing in bulk.

Here’s how the ordering process works! We help you find the right product for your taste, budget and needs. You will determine exactly where the fence will be installed. Precise measurements are key to getting the right amount of fencing. You also should decide how many gates you want to include.

We’re happy to discuss this with you. You can request a quick quote online based on your fence drawing and measurements. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll walk you through the ordering process. Our Team will ensure that you get everything you need.

Aside from our commercial-grade vinyl fencing, the best part of buying from us is the big savings. We offer on this top-quality product.

Instead of settling for low-quality fencing at premium prices from a big-box retailer, come to us for affordably priced, heavy-duty fencing that is manufactured to stand up to years of use!

Because we have 42 facilities nationwide, we’re able to offer reduced shipping costs, too — or, in many cases, you can pick up your order at one of our locations.

Melrose Picket Fence

Our Melrose Vinyl Picket Fence is the classic white picket fence, it comes in 6′ or 8′ sections nationwide. This classic fence will decorate any living space! If you are looking for the classic melrose vinyl picket fence then you found it.

There are quite a few manufactures of vinyl picket fence but not all are created equal. Like all products, some are built better than others. We do not sell a residential vinyl picket fence like you see at big box stores. If it doesn’t pass the commercial grade spec, we don’t sell it.

When you buy white vinyl picket fence panels from Wholesale Vinyl Fencing you get quality. You’re not going to receive a preassembled panel with pickets glued to the top and bottom rail.

Our rails are heavy duty, each picket slides into the rail and locks into the fence post. Our white vinyl picket fence panels work on hills and flat ground.

You don’t have to stair step each panel leaving a large hole under your fence. Our white vinyl picket fence panels flow with the ground.

Vinyl Picket Fence
Melrose Fencing

If you are seeking the classic picket fence look, this is the product for you. Our classic Melrose picket fence is a bestseller in its class. 

Scalloped Melrose Picket Fence

Vinyl Picket Fence
Scalloped Melrose Fence

This fence will add class and beauty to your project. If you’re one of the millions of people who love the look of a white picket fence – but don’t particularly enjoy the upkeep that a picket fence usually requires – Wholesale Vinyl Fencing has the perfect solution for you.

Our Scalloped Melrose Panel creates a nostalgic old world feel in a nearly maintenance-free picket fence. When you choose the Scalloped Melrose Panel you’ll get a vinyl picket fence that will never need painting or replacing, and won’t fade, crack, peel, warp, stain or discolor.

Our line of traditional vinyl picket fences is made using a durable route-and-lock design that eliminates all brackets and screws. Constructed to look equally beautiful on both sides. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.


Savannah Pool Closed Top Picket Fence

Vinyl Picket Fence
Regency/Savanah Pool Fence

The Savanah Pool fence has a smooth top unlike our standard picket fences. This makes the Savanah Pool Fencing  a go to when it comes to pool fences.

It creates a safe enclosure keeping kids and pets out and adds a very nice clean look to the pool enclosure. Savannah Fence is made from the best vinyl on the market. We only sell commercial grade vinyl fence.

The Savannah Vinyl Fence is a picket fence with a smooth top. Usually this fence is used around pool enclosures and decks. Often times we sell this as a complete fence system. The Savannah Picket fence is a closed top fence that creates clean horizontal lines. This fence will work on sloped ground.

Our panels are able to create curves and flow well with the ground. This is one factor that our customers love. When buying a vinyl picket fence from a big box store, you get a pre-assembled panel. These panels will not flow with the ground or work on curves.

Our Savannah pool fence is sold primarily for pool enclosures, but it performs well as boundary fence, too. 

Choosing A Vinyl Picket Fence:

There are many brands and types of fence in the market these days and navigating these can be sometimes be akin to navigating a mine field – even amongst seasoned professionals! Here are a few brief tips to consider when choosing a vinyl fence for your home or business:

 Vinyl Picket Fence Fence Ingredients 

Wholesale Fencing uses Vinyl made From Virgin PVC and not all vinyl fences are created equal. Professional grade vinyl fences are made of virgin vinyl/ PVC ; consumer grade fences are often made of recycled plastics, often the scraps from the ‘good stuff’. 

In fact, many brands will have their professional grade materials available from professional fence and deck dealers only, and then create a separate brand for many of the ‘big box’ stores for consumers. 

Although, it is hip to use recycled products and shop for environmentally ‘green’ fencing products, some are simply less than desirable as a building product that needs to withstand the weather elements, high winds, and sun (UV) damage. Vinyl fencing made of recycled plastics will often sag prematurely, become brittle (especially in cold climates), and fade and warp prematurely. 

UV Protection

Professional, contractor grade fencing will not only use virgin vinyl, but also mix UV inhibitors in to help prevent against sun (UV) damage. If you wish to simply buy a couple sections of 3-4′ high spaced picket fence for a corner accent. A consumer grade fence may be a perfect fit but not recommend. 

Installing it would only be a couple hours at best and it would be easy to replace when it wears out…and this is only a question of when it wears out, not if it wears out. 

If you wish to buy a taller fence, install 10, 20, or 30 sections of fence with gates, and have it last more than a season or two, choose a professional grade fence worth investing in and installing. Installing fence is a significant investment, sometimes thousands of dollar even as a do-it-yourself project. 

Spend a couple hours digging holes and mixing cement and then think about setting in concrete inferior fence posts and sections which will not last. I think you will soon agree, professional grade materials are the only type to consider using.

 Component Sizes and Wall Thicknesses 

To make a vinyl fence, or nearly any fence more budget-friendly, manufacturers will make components thinner (meaning the actual wall thickness of the material) and smaller in size. Many inexpensive styles of vinyl fence will utilize fence posts measuring 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″. Further, because the wall thickness is insufficient, a 4 x 4 wood post must be inserted inside the vinyl for strength. 

If you must use a 4 x 4 wood fence post on the inside of the vinyl fence post, that will tell you something about the quality of the vinyl post – it’s too thin and weak to hold the fence panel by itself. The 3-1/2″ square vinyl post might be inexpensive, but add to this the expense of a 4 x 4 wood post (currently around $9-10 ea.). 

Pay attention also to the length of the vinyl posts. Consumer grade vinyl fences often come with shorter posts. Posts should be of sufficient length to extend into concrete footers for support. While looking at at the wall thickness, actual horizontal rail sizes, and picket sizes. You will find each of these components to be significantly less in size and thickness when compared to professional grade products. 

Professional grade fences will utilize true 4″ square posts on shorter fence and fences which allow air flow; they will use true 5″ square posts on taller fences and privacy fences. These posts do not need wooden 4 x 4 posts on the inside of them to support the fence panels. 

It is common though on all grades of vinyl fence, to use a a post insert (aluminum or steel), or the method of filling a post with cement for a gate (hinge and latch post) and terminal posts for extra support.

 Reinforcement and Fence Section Widths 

Check pickets, rails, and posts for manufacturer’s recommendations on interior reinforcement. A quality fence will often have interior ‘ribbing’ on pickets, or other forms of reinforcement vs. a hollow rail. Quality taller vinyl fences and privacy fences will. 

Also have either a galvanized steel reinforcement channel in the bottom rail to help prevent sag; these rails are a full 8 feet in length! Be careful comparing material costs and installation time with these comparisons. A cheaper vinyl fence product may not be that much cheaper in the end.

 Fence Design

In order to make a vinyl fence less expensive and easier to inventory, it is common for consumer brands to offer one single ‘blank’ (no holes) post and use a bracket of some sort to attach all horizontal rails to fence posts. Often these rail brackets are even a painted steel which will rust on a white vinyl fence.

These brackets can be brittle and usually don’t have much to attach to seeing how it’s a vinyl fence. Having simply one post, is much easier to inventory though.

In general, better fences will have posts routed to accept the horizontal rails. Vinyl fence end posts will have holes routed on one side only to accept fence horizontal rails and terminate a fence line. Corner posts will have routed holes on adjacent sides to create a 90 degree or there about turn. 

The line posts will have holes on opposite sides to be used as an intermediate post. There are various ways in which fence manufacturers have found to ‘lock’ the rails inside the posts. 

Vinyl Picket Fence Strength

The Point is, the section is not going to come off the posts without practically tearing down the post too. Further, a fence system with routed posts is often more aesthetically pleasing when compared with a fence with brackets. In general, a routed post system will surpass a bracketed system in strength, appearance, and ease of installation. 

This is a generality, and there are some types of railing and fence sections with brackets which are designed well. 

Also, don’t forget to add up the costs of these fence brackets in estimating and comparing brands. The same principle will apply to how vinyl fence manufacturers design pickets to attach to rails. Inferior brands will simply glue, or screw pickets to the face of horizontal fence rails; these will not last. 

Better brands will often have routed rails which accept pickets through the center of them, or into extruded grooves. 

One better way of attaching pickets to the face of a horizontal rails is from the backside with larger lag screws and caps which hide the fasteners from the weather and your sight.

Keep in mind, a fence is only as weak as its weakest point. Privacy fences should have tongue and groove pickets so that the fence remains private when, not if the ground shifts.

Vinyl Picket Fence Gates 

Inexpensive vinyl fence systems will often cut a panel down in width, screw on a diagonal vinyl piece of some sort and call it a ‘gate’. Gate hinges are inferior to others as they only ‘face-mount’ to the post and gate. 

Better systems will have a ‘true’ gate with better design to help prevent gate sag. Gates constitute the largest quantity of call backs to installers as they can be tricky! They are usually the only part of the fence designed to move, and are often underestimated when designed and installed. 

A gate is a bad place to ‘skimp’ on your fence project as it could cause hours to years of aggravating maintenance when adjusting, realigning, and replacing parts and hardware.

A better quality gate should have gate uprights fastened to horizontal rails in a secure fashion. Better brands may have ‘gate sockets’ glued and riveted into uprights to accept horizontal fence rails. Steel, or aluminum frame are often used to help prevent sag on better quality vinyl fences. 

You will also find a variety of quality gate hardware sets available to compliment vinyl gates. Better hardware will be designed to mount to two sides of the gate hinge post and often the gate upright itself which allows for multiple points to install screws or ‘thru-bolts’. 

Avoid hinges which are single dimensional and will only allow you to drive screws into the face of the gate and gate post, these easily ‘pull’ from both during wind. The same principle will apply to latches and having attachment point on both sides of a gate post and gate upright. 

When choosing a low-to-no maintenance fence, use stainless steel hardware which has been powder coated, or a quality polymer piece of hardware. 

Installing regular painted steel hardware on a vinyl fence will cause rust stains to bleed down the face of your new fence.In a few years; worse yet, you won’t be able to replace it with better hardware without then seeing old holes in your fence and gate where the old cheap hardware used to be.

 Dealer and Fence Manufacturers’ Credentials 

Buy from a well-established fence dealer and long-standing manufacturer and you will rarely err. Professional fence companies and manufacturer’s will service your needs. This isn’t to say they also won’t make mistakes, but they will work feverishly to fix them.

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