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Sacramento Vinyl Fence Store

Sacramento Vinyl Fence Store

Once its gone new orders will arrive in spring.

Materials Shortages, Price Increases & Scheduling

We are currently experiencing severe shortages of vinyl, wood & aluminum materials due to ongoing transpiration delays and raw materials shortages. Demand has far outpaced production and manufacturers can’t keep up due to the supply issues and in some area’s workforce constraints. In an effort to service orders vinyl fence suppliers are stopping production on all but white product (since it is the best seller) and aluminum manufacturers are concentrating on the most popular flat top three rail style. Many of our tan or wood look vinyl fence offerings are being back ordered Read Full Article From Another Fence Company.


National Vinyl Fence Shortage

​This message is a COVID-19 update for all of our existing customers here at Illinois Fence Company that plan to have vinyl fence installations over the coming weeks and months.

There is a national vinyl shortage in the fencing industry right now due to the pandemic.

The largest vinyl manufacturer in the US, our leading supplier, has been working at 50% capacity for the last few months due to new safety restrictions because of the Coronavirus.

We are experiencing longer than usual shipping delays for the material we ordered to arrive at our warehouse because of this limited production capacity.

While we are working with limited information at this time, we have already ordered 36,000 ft of vinyl fencing material, which includes your fencing material for your project. Still, at this time, we do not know when it is going to arrive.

Over the last 60 days, we have seen, on average most customers experience 3-6 month delays. But this could worsen over time as we move closer to the end of the year.

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