Heavy Duty Vinyl Fence Panels. True Commercial grade that will withstand the elements. Our fence will never rot or fade like a wood fence. Wholesale Vinyl offers classy fence options customers can be proud of. Wholesale Vinyl offers our Scalloped Melrose picket fence, among several other picket fence options. Marked at affordable prices, our Scalloped Melrose picket fence is a great option to give your yard a more decorative look. Made from the finest materials around, you will not regret choosing our Scalloped Melrose fence.

Great for small children June 25, 2018 This is just what I needed for a play yard for my daycare toddlers. I am a 54-year woman and installed this myself. It looks very neat and attractive. It keeps the babies in no problem and looks adorable!
We had a section on one side of my yard ... May 30, 2017 We had a section on one side of my yard that was open. We put this up as a barrier, so that my 9 pound dog would stay in the yard and not run away. Definitely does the trick. The only thing is that when you put on the top caps, use glue or small screws like their video or kids will take them!

Fence Height: 3’ 3 12/ and 4’ Fence Panel Width 6-8’ Rails: 2″ x 3-1/2″ .120 Wall Pickets: 7/8″ x 3″ w/ caps Post: 4″ x 4″ x 60, 66, 72” .115 - 150 Wall 6′ O.C. Section includes: 11 Pickets w/ pointed caps, 1 top rail, 1 bottom rail 8′ O.C. Section includes:15 Pickets w/ pointed caps, 1 top rail,1 bottom rail, 1 bottom rail reinforcement Co-extrusion This is the most advanced and widely used method today. Our Vinyl fencing is made out of two layers, each containing ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors. The two layers are chemically attached under high pressure and temperature to form a solid, continuous piece. This method of production requires a higher investment in equipment, tooling, training and overall manufacturing. Manufacturer Specifications for Vinyl Fencing Products must satisfy a minimum level of compliance to meet ASTM standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials provides technical standards and product ratings for a wide variety of materials, including vinyl fencing. Products must satisfy a minimum level of compliance to meet ASTM standards. Be aware that some fence manufacturers use pipe specifications, which have lower demands for UV protection and impact resistance. Characteristics of High-Quality Vinyl Fencing Won’t fade or yellow UV Inhibitor Made with PVC for long-term durability and resistance which contains a 12 parts of titanium dioxide, a critical additive that protects vinyl from potentially harmful UV rays engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and changing climatic conditions manufacturer has performed accelerated weathering tests on their product and meets ASTM standards. ACCU Shield Homeland manufactures the toughest PVC products. We top that off with the most advanced UV protection, ACCU-Shield.  This protective outer layer is engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even in harsh climates, ACCU-Shield protects the color and sheen of our products for a longer period of time. Simply put, there is no better protection under the sun than ACCU-Shield.


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Product Part


3 1/2'


3×8 White Panel


3.5×8 White Panel


4×8 White Panel


4x4x60 Line Post White


4x4x60 Corner Post White


4x4x60 End Post White


4x4x60 Blank Post White


4x4x66 Line Post White


4x4x66 Corner Post White


4x4x66 End Post White


4x4x66 Blank Post White


4x4x72 Line Post White


4x4x72 Corner Post White


4x4x72 End Post White


4x4x72 Blank Post White


Ball Cap


Outside Pyramid Cap


Gothic PVC Cap


New England Cap


5X5 PVC Majestic Solar Post Cap


PVC Regal Solar Post Cap


5X5 White Aluminum Imperial Solar Post Cap


Black Aluminum Imperial Solar Post Cap


Vinyl Fence Notcher


3×3 Gate White


3×3 Gate White


3.5×3 Gate White


3×4 Gate White


3×4 Gate White


3×5 Gate White


3×5 Gate White


3×10 Double Gate White (add drop rod)


3×10 Double Gate White (add drop rod)


3.5×10 Double Gate White (add drop rod)


Gate Post Insert 4x4x72


Latch Powder Coated Steel


Drop Rod


Hinge Set Adjustable Powder Coated Steel


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