We offer a true heavy-duty commercial grade product. Our 3 rail vinyl fence is great for property boundaries, decorating yards and livestock. 

Whether you are trying to fence in livestock or want a beautiful property boundary we have the product for you. Although good horse fencing can be expensive, poor horse fencing can be a whole lot more expensive. That’s why we only offer commercial grade vinyl horse fence and we guarantee it will be the best price online. Wood fences rot and look terrible in  a few years, barbwire is not attractive that is why vinyl is the best option. 

We recommend installing an electric fence if using this for livestock because they can damage the fence. 3 rail vinyl horse fence measures 54″ tall, the rails come in 16′ lengths, the post measure at 8′ centers. 3 rail vinyl fence is very easy to install, it looks great and will last a lifetime!

No better fence on the market for agriculture use

August 30, 2018

Great product/ ordered about 900’ and had my contractor install took about 4 days. Contractor picked up the material in Riverside California. I own a large ranch, we have used other vinyl companies in the past. I can’t believe how cheap this fence was. It is not a cheap fence in quality, it is very nice. Wholesale was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this product and company.

Incredible fence system!!!!

May 3, 2019

I bought 3000’ for our ranch in Florida with a few swing gates and walk through gates and was 100% satisfied with the product and ease of installation!!!! Highly recommended….
Oh, and the gates are so nice. They are heavy duty Ag gates and look amazing.

So Happy

June 10, 2019

This is a great addition to help keep my horses where they need to be. My contractor said this was a very high-quality fence. I’m not in the business so I couldn’t tell you but I trust his opinion. I have seen my horses lean on it so we put up a hot wire but they never broke it.

Five Stars

April 30, 2018

How easy was this to install!! And it looks great! We have a commercial business so shipping was a breeze. What I really like is they have a location only 20 minutes away from us here in Texas so if we have any issues or replacements in the future we are taken care of.

Post 5x5x78 .135-.150

Rails Double ribbed reinforcement 1.5×5.5×16 .080-.090

Post spacing: 8’ on center




Our clients enjoy huge discounts based on purchase volume

Product Part

RAIL 1.5X5.5X16’

$36.69 as low as $25.68

Corner 5x5x78

$33.41 as low as $23.39

Blank 5x5x78

$33.41 as low as $23.39

Line 5x5x78

$33.41 as low as $23.39

End 5x5x78

$33.41 as low as $23.39

New England Cap

$13.27 as low as $9.29

Gothic PVC Cap

$11.45 as low as $8.02

Outside Pyramid Cap

$3.87 as low as $2.71

5X5 PVC Majestic Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

5X5 White Aluminum Imperial Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

Black Aluminum Imperial Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

PVC Regal Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

Vinyl Fence Notcher

$216.65 as low as $151.66

3’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$530.61 as low as $371.43

4’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$548.57 as low as $384.00

5’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$594.81 as low as $416.37

6’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$610.44 as low as $427.31

10’ Double Gate/W Internal Steel Frame (Add Drop Rod)


12’ Double Gate/W Internal Steel Frame (Add Drop Rod)


Hinge Set Adjustable Powder Coated Steel White

$46.80 as low as $32.76

Drop Rod

$51.83 as low as $36.28

Latch Powder Coated Steel White

$43.10 as low as $30.17

Gate Post Insert 5x5x96

$90.97 as low as $63.68

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