Made for Horses, truly Heavy Duty, commercial grade. Our 2 rail vinyl fence is great for property boundaries, horses, cattle and decorating yards. 

Vinyl Horse Fence is Maintenance free. 2 Rail Vinyl Fence is so Easy to install. Horse Fence is Secure and sturdy.

Designed with form and function in mind, our post and rail fencing are sure to enhance the aesthetic of your home or business while providing stability and security for years to come. 2 Rail Horse Fence is perfect for farm fences and around barns.

Vinyl Horse Fences are guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty and are safer for pets, livestock, and children than any other type of fence. No more painting. No more staining. And rail vinyl fences will never chip, crack, or splinter. These vinyl rail fences are specifically engineered to stay in the sun and withstand the elements. Since these fences aren’t made from wood, horses won’t crib or chew it.

2 Rail Horse Fencing post and rail vinyl fences are available in two rail, three rail and four rail styles with matching gates. Standard post spacing is 8′ on the center and the rails are 16’.

Our top quality, durable vinyl horse fencing is made from 100% non-recyclable material. Our 2 Rail Vinyl Fence is Manufactured right here in the USA; our horse fence is 20-50% stronger than overseas distributors to ensure the safety and security of your horses. When it comes to the safety and security of your animals, you want to be sure to use the right materials for your enclosures, our 2 rail horse fence is Impact resistant, it provides a strong visual barrier that won’t break, shatter or crack. Virtually maintenance free, it will never need painted, stained or sanded.

My beautiful fence

September 20, 2017

I ordered 11 panels, 2 extra posted and a gate to enclose my side house area. I wanted a protected area for my dogs to be while outside. My husband and I are in our 60’s so building it was a little bit more involved than we expected. With a little help, it turned out great. I’m happy, my dogs are happy, and my husband gets to spend more time outside with them. Our gate is of such high quality! My husband did suggest that listing the screw sizes in the video instructions might be helpful. My husband had to call in for support a few times and they were very helpful. He was helped with his questions very quickly and the few replacement parts we needed were sent to us without question. I would use this product again, and I would suggest it to others.

Quality materials, good looking

May 17, 2018

I’m using this as a fence around my garden. The quality of the material is excellent. I have clay soil so that was fun, if digging posts 24” into the ground can be easy. I initially started with a bar and post hole digger, then rented a bobcat with an auger (life saver). The process of setting the posts, top and bottom rails is technically simple and the video instructions are easy to follow. I used a total of 150’ and 1 gate and had to cut 3 of the lengths because of the odd size of my garden. A hacksaw with a fresh, sharp blade did the job. I did purchase a notching tool as I have much more to install. They have a method where you can screw the rails in but the notcher was a breeze. I am very pleased with the finished fence. Now, for some advice. Lay out and carefully measure the project dimensions before ordering. Luckily I was close to one of their many locations so I only had to go back twice. I strongly advise using a auger. It took me about 10 hours over 3 days to complete and I was meticulous about plumb and level.

Five Stars

April 1, 2016

Excellent quality. Easy installation. Bought several hundred feet to put together for front and back yard porches. The more you buy the more you save so think about that if you are planning. We were going to do this in 3 phases but the savings was worth purchasing at once. That’s how wholesale works.

Post: 5x5x60 .135-.150

Rails: 1.5x5x5.16’ double ribbed, crimped .080-.090

Post spacing 8’ on center




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RAIL 1.5X5.5X16’

$36.69 as low as $25.68

Blank 5X5X60

$28.15 as low as $19.71

Corner 5X5X60

$28.15 as low as $19.71

End 5X5X60

$28.15 as low as $19.71


$28.15 as low as $19.71

New England Cap

$13.15 as low as $9.21

Gothic PVC Cap

$11.45 as low as $8.02

Outside Pyramid Cap

$3.87 as low as $2.71

5X5 PVC Majestic Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

5X5 White Aluminum Imperial Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

Black Aluminum Imperial Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

PVC Regal Solar Post Cap

$69.45 as low as $48.62

Vinyl Fence Notcher

$216.65 as low as $151.66

3’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$501.47 as low as $351.03

4’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$524.12 as low as $366.88

5’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$607.82 as low as $425.47

6’ Gate/W Internal Steel Frame

$544.46 as low as $381.12

10’ Double Gate/W Internal Steel Frame (Add Drop Rod)


12’ Double Gate/W Internal Steel Frame (Add Drop Rod)


Drop Rod

$51.39 as low as $35.97

Gate Post Insert 5x5x96

$90.97 as low as $63.68

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