Fence Planning

Plan a Fence

So you’ve decided on vinyl fence and you have picked your product. Wholesale Vinyl can help you choose fencing options suited to your taste, budget and needs. Adding a fence to your property can increase your home value and provide additional benefits, such as privacy, protection or proper containment of animals. Knowing what type of fence you would like, what its purpose will be and how much of it you will need can make buying a fence much easier. Wholesale Vinyl can help you walk through the steps in preparing to buy a fence.

Location & Measurement

Knowing where you would like to place the fence is the first step. Measure the length of the area where you would like the fence to sit. Some may want to have the fence to surround only the backyard, others may want the fence to include part of the side of the house, and others may even want a fence in the front of the house. Be sure to get exact measurements to ensure you have the right amount of fencing. You don’t want to have too much or too few materials, after the order has been placed.

Purpose of Fence & Ideal Fence Types

When choosing the ideal fence for your yard and landscape, considering the purpose of your fence will help you to select the right fence. If you would like to put in a fence to give your yard a completed look or simply to mark the property boundaries, you will have endless options to choose from, including picket fences, horses fences or privacy fences. Wholesale Vinyl offers fences of every style and type to give you more flexibility in your choices. If you know you would like your fence to provide more privacy to your yard, Wholesale Vinyl Fencing offers a number of privacy fence styles to choose from to match your tastes. Perhaps you want a fence that will allow more light through for your plants to grow; this also could impact what type of fence you choose. Our picket fences or horses fences might be the best options for this situation. Some fencing options may be more realistic for your unique circumstances, depending on its purpose and price. Explore our fencing options today and choose a fencing style to match your needs and price range.

Number of Gates

As part of the planning for the fence order, decide how many gates you would like to be included on the fence. Most people generally order at least one gate, for access in and out of the yard. You also might choose to have a gate on each side of the house for increased accessibility. It all depends on personal preference. Wholesale Vinyl can accommodate any of your fencing requests. Call us today to discuss your ideal fence.

Calculate Fence Material