68×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel (Add 4 screw & 4 brackets per panel)


Product Overview

Introducing the 68×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel, a standout offering in our Panel category at Wholesale Vinyl Fencing. This panel merges the timeless durability of iron with a modern, two-rail design, providing an ideal fencing solution for those seeking both aesthetic beauty and practical functionality. Complete with four screws and brackets for each panel, it ensures a smooth and secure installation, making it a top choice for a variety of fencing projects.

Key Features

  • Elegant Black Finish: The panel’s sophisticated black finish adds a contemporary flair, suitable for multiple settings.
  • Substantial Size for Maximum Coverage: At 68 inches in height and 94 inches in width, it offers extensive privacy and security coverage.
  • High-Quality Iron Construction: Made from robust iron, the panel is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and wear, ensuring longevity.
  • Streamlined 2 Rail Design: The two-rail design provides a sleek, modern look that complements both classic and modern architectural styles.
  • Complete Installation Kit: Each panel includes four screws and four brackets, enabling an easy and sturdy setup.


The 68×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel is versatile for various applications:
  • Residential Fencing: Ideal for creating private, secure boundaries around homes, gardens, and pool areas.
  • Commercial Properties: Suitable for enhancing the security and appearance of businesses, office complexes, and hospitality venues.
  • Public and Recreational Spaces: Perfect for parks, schools, and other public areas where both aesthetics and safety are key.
  • Architectural and Design Projects: Adapts well to a range of design projects, offering a blend of elegance and functionality.

Call to Action

Elevate Your Fencing with Our Stylish and Sturdy Panels! Make a statement with our 68×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel. Visit Wholesale Vinyl Fencing today and choose a fencing solution that combines sophistication with strength. Start your journey to a more secure and visually appealing property now!
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