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Melrose White Vinyl Picket Fence

Melrose Vinyl Fencing

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Vinyl Picket Fence

Our Melrose is the classic white picket fence, it comes in 6′ or 8′ sections nationwide. This classic fence will decorate any living space! If you are looking for the classic vinyl picket fence then you found it. There are quite a few manufactures of vinyl picket fence but not all are created equal. Like all products, some are built better than others. We do not sell a residential vinyl picket fence like you see at big box stores. If it doesn’t pass the commercial grade spec, we don’t sell it.

White Vinyl Picket Fence Panels

When you buy white vinyl picket fence panels from Wholesale Vinyl Fencing you get quality. You’re not going to receive a preassembled panel with pickets glued to the top and bottom rail. Our rails are heavy duty, each picket slides into the rail and locks into the fence post. Our white vinyl picket fence panels work on hills and flat ground. You don’t have to stair step each panel leaving a large hole under your fence. Our white vinyl picket fence panels flow with the ground.


Style name: Scalloped Melrose
Rails: 2″ x 3-1/2″ .120 Wall

Pickets: 7/8″ x 3″ w/ caps

Post: 4″ x 4″ .115 Wall

6′ O.C. Section includes: 11 Pickets w/ pointed caps, 1 top rail, 1 bottom rail

8′ O.C. Section includes:15 Pickets w/ pointed caps, 1 top rail,1 bottom rail, 1 bottom rail reinforcement