10’ Double Gate/W Internal Steel Frame – Tan (Add Drop Rod, Add One Panel For Each Gate) [3]

Product Overview

Presenting the 10’ Double Gate with Internal Steel Frame in Tan from Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, a perfect amalgamation of strength and style. Tailored for those seeking a robust yet visually appealing gate solution, this product stands out with its added security features and sophisticated design. Its size and features make it an ideal choice for various entry points.

Key Features

  • Internal Steel Frame: The core of this gate is reinforced with an internal steel frame, offering unparalleled durability and resilience.
  • Tan Vinyl Finish: Coated in an aesthetically pleasing tan vinyl, this gate not only looks great but also boasts a weather-resistant and low-maintenance surface.
  • 10-Foot Width for Broad Access: Spanning a width of 10 feet, it ensures easy access for vehicles, making it practical for a variety of uses.
  • Enhanced Security with Drop Rod: Equipped with a drop rod, this gate remains securely closed, providing an additional layer of protection.
  • Additional Panels for Privacy: Each gate is outfitted with an extra panel, enhancing privacy while contributing to the gate’s overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Weatherproof and Fade-Resistant: Crafted to withstand diverse weather conditions, the gate maintains its appearance without succumbing to fading or wear.


The 10’ Double Gate with Internal Steel Frame in Tan is well-suited for:
  • Residential Properties: Perfect for homeowners looking for a secure and stylish driveway gate.
  • Commercial Facilities: Offers a wide, welcoming entrance while maintaining security for businesses.
  • Farms and Large Estates: Ideal for larger property entrances where both access and aesthetic are important.
  • Community and Recreational Areas: Enhances the entry points of communal spaces with its functionality and design.

Call to Action

Elevate the entrance of your property with the 10’ Double Gate with Internal Steel Frame in Tan from Wholesale Vinyl Fencing. Combine security, style, and durability in one elegant solution. Order now and make a statement at your property’s threshold!
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