Horse Fence Gates

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing makes the best gates on the market. Please scroll down and look at our frame work and hardware used. A gate is a moving part that needs to be rigid and built out of high quality material. Thats why we use galvanized steel as the internal frame work for our vinyl gates. Steel is strong compared to other metals like aluminum. Galvanize ensures the gate will not rust. Do not use a gate that has a vinyl frame only. It will fall apart!

2 Rail Gate

Our 2 rail gate is made out of the same high quality material your fence is made from with the exception of the internal steel frame. These gates come in various sizes which can be found on our products page.

3 Rail Gate

This is the standard gate you will receive when you purchase a 3 rail gate from us. Check out the images below to see the steel frame and hardware.

3 rail vinyl gate
Single Gate

4 Rail Gate

When it comes to quality, Wholesale Vinyl Fencing knows best. We have been manufacturing these gates since the 90s. Perfection is key and we strive to provide the best quality possible.

4 Rail Vinyl Gate

Steel Frame

This is the internal frame work for our ranch gates. Heavy duty steel is used for the uprights and the cross members. These gates are light weight and extremely strong.

4 rail vinyl gate frame


Powder coated adjustable hinges are the best hinges you could use for your gates. Our gates will not sag but that does not mean your gate won’t shift with time. If you followed proper instructions for setting the post there will be minimal pull over the years but there will be some. An adjustable hinge will keep your gate looking nice and operating for years to come.

vinyl gate hinge


This heavy duty latch is used on all our gates. It works on double gates and single gates. Some people don’t like the bulkiness of the latch on a double gate but I promise the other options are terrible. We have used mini latches for our double gates and there is no room for sag at all. The mini latch is not rated for large wind loads or heavy use. This latch is the best latch for our products hands down.

Vinyl Fence Latch

Drop Rod

We do not use a 5/8″ standard drop rod for our double gates. This rod is constructed out of 1 3/8″ .065 galvanized steel. It measures 24-36″ long and comes with a 2″ x 12″ ground holder. After hearing years of negative customer feed back from the smaller drop rod we decided to construct this bad boy. This drop rod keeps your gates in place even in high winds.

Heavy duty drop rod

Gate Post Insert

If you purchase a gate you must use a gate post insert. This goes into the hinge post. Its purpose is to add support to the hinge post so the post does not sag. Once the post is set in concrete with his insert inside, you will fill the inside of the post with concrete bringing it to ground level.

gate post insert

Double Gates

We offer a variety of sizes of double gates. What we offer on the website is pre made gates but we can build to fit your custom project.

4 rail vinyl double gate