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Vinyl Fence Styles

Vinyl Privacy Fence

When it comes to vinyl privacy fence we do not offer lots of options. We have plenty of options to choose from but we focus on what sells. Our goal is to deliver a high quality product in the least amount of time. We offer a standard 6′ tall privacy fence. You will have 2 color options, white and tan. Darker colors fade faster so we stay away from the products that will ruin our reputation down the road.

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing does not sell a pre-assembled panel. Our fences are commercial grade. They will work on any terrain, our privacy vinyl fence is truly customizable.

Check out our how to install vinyl fence video tutorials and see how our product compares to the competition.

Our fence panels are not really panels. When you purchase a vinyl privacy fence panel you will get a top rail, a bottom rail, tongue and groove pickets and u-channel. The post are pre routed for the rails. You can cut the fence down to whatever height you see fit.

Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice

If you want privacy with a little decoration then this is the product for you. Our vinyl privacy fence with lattice offers 5′ of privacy and 12″ of semi privacy. Our vinyl is made out of the best materials possible with todays best extrusion standards.

Melrose Picket Vinyl Fence

This is the classic picket fence everyone sees and dreams about. This fence comes in 3′ – 3.5′ and 4′ tall options. It has a straight top with a dog ear cap which looks just like the standard picket fence.

When choosing vinyl over cedar you will spend the same but the materials are night and day different. Vinyl will last a lifetime and it will hold its beauty.

Melrose Scalloped Picket Vinyl Fence

Like the classic Melrose fence the scalloped picket fence differs by the scallop. This fence makes an arch towards the center of the panel creating a classic scalloped fence look.

You can order the scalloped picket fence in 6′ or 8′ wide sections. Like all our products you will order a vinyl fence panel but you will not receive a pre-assembled panel. You will receive a bottom rail, top rail and pickets with picket caps. Your pickets will go through the heavy duty rails and and lock into the bottom rail.

If you purchase a pre-assembled panel where the pickets are screwed or glued on the outer rail you will regret it. This system is a big box store gimmick. The material is cheap and you will be lucky to get 3-5 years out of the product. When it comes to cost, our product cost the same as the garbage you will get at a big box store.

Savanah Vinyl Pool Fence

If you need an enclosure for your pool this is the product for you. Our Savanah vinyl pool fence is a classic for pool enclosures. This fence is 4′ tall and comes in 6 or 8′ panels. It is assembled similar to the picket fences. The only difference is the Savanah has a smooth top more like a hand rail.

Hotels and other establishments use this system around their pools to offer security and safety for their guest. A smooth top rail ensures the guest will not get injured from the fence.

2 Rail Vinyl Fence

Vinyl horse fence is growing in popularity due to its ease of installation and cost. The most inexpensive product we sell is the 2 rail vinyl fence. It is not inexpensive due to material quality. Wholesale Vinyl Fence only offers a commercial grade vinyl fence. You will save money because of the limited amount of materials needed to assemble this fence.

2 Rail vinyl horse fence is used primarily for small animal enclosures. When I say small, I don’t mean small dogs, I mean small livestock. It also serves as a great property boundary or garden fence. There are plenty of uses for this fence. Let us know how we can help.

3 Rail Vinyl Fence

This has to be one of our best sellers nationwide. Its closest runner up would be privacy vinyl panels. 3 Rail horse fence is used in the agriculture industry primarily but more and more people are using this product for property boundaries.

It is inexpensive and will enhance the look of your property. Barbwire fence is cheap and will get the job done but if you want your property to stand out, this is the product for you.

4 Rail Vinyl Fence

Just like the 2 and 3 rail vinyl fence, 4 rail vinyl fence just as amazing. If you are looking for more security and height then the 4 rail fence is for you. If you put livestock in your fence enclosure we ask you to please add an electric fence. Our vinyl fence is commercial grade but it is not bomb proof. Livestock will push on the rails and post, they will try to get between the rails for food. This will cause damage to your fence in the long run. Protect your investment. Add an electric fence.

Chain Link Fence Styles

4′ chain link

5′ chain link

6′ chain link

Iron Fence Styles

4′ Iron 2 Rail Fence

4′ Iron 3 Rail Fence

5′ Iron 2 Rail Fence

5′ Iron 3 Rail Fence

6′ Iron 2 Rail Fence

6′ Iron 3 Rail Fence