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    Provide the rep with PO number listed on your invoice. Bring a large enough trailer for your order, DO NOT BRING A TRUCK OR CAR ONLY. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING YOUR FENCE FOR QUANTITIES, Check your fence for damages and double check the quantity as we do not offer returns on materials. If you leave the facility and find later you were short or have damaged products you will be responsible for shipping fees to receive your product or to re-schedule another pickup regardless of how long you drove to pickup your order


    Make sure you or someone is there to receive the material, it will be in a box truck or on a flat bed semi. You will need either a fork lift or man power to unload the material. Please keep in mind the driver is not responsible to unload material. If there are any damages or missing items that will result in product replacement you MUST report it on the bill of lading (the driver has a copy) This insures the trucking company will pay for the freight and cost of materials. If this step is missed the customer is responsible for the damages and additional shipping. If there are black marks or small scratches these can be removed with soapy water and a coarse scrub pad.


    No returns or cancelations accepted, we will credit your account for future orders. For major life changing events there will be a 3% return processing fee. A refund will be issued after we receive any parts that were shipped. You the customer are responsible for sending back any parts shipped.