Estate Vinyl Gate

Estate Viny Gate

Estate Vinyl Gate

Our Estate Vinyl Gate  10′ and 12′ doubles  should always be supported with wheels. The Estate Vinyl gate must have steel frames so they also have a little weight, if you do not put them on blocks when closed or wheels they will pull the post and sag over time. It does not matter if you use a gate post insert and concrete, they will sag if you do not support them. You can also add a center brace to your gates for $50 per gate, this is recommended for 12′ gates specifically. Make sure you do this as there is no return or warranty on gates.

Estate Vinyl gates Instructions

You MUST measure your gate before setting your post. If the gate is coming from the manufacture we do not know if the gate you ordered will be the exact size as your invoice or if it is made to fit the opening. For instance, a 4′ gate on your invoice may not be 48″ it might be 46″ and is made to fit a 48″ opening.

Single gates: Add 2″ to the width of the gate. For instance a 4′ gate would have an opening of 4′ 2″

Double Gates: Add 3″ to the width of both gates. For instance 2 – 4′ gates would have an opening of 8′ 3″

Estate Vinyl Gate Kits From Wholesale Vinyl

All of our kit gates come with internal steel frames!

Gates include heavy duty powdercoated steel latch, hinges, galvanized drop rod and a steel/aluminum gate post insert!

Standard Instructions
Its always best to assemble your gate and measure before you set your post. You want to add 1″ per hinge and latch gap to the width of the gate.

Your gates are the size you ordered. Pickets are not included with the gate, you must order an additional picket pack. The pickets in the box are just packing material.

Custom Width Instructions
Please watch this video on your gate assembly. After you set your post, get your measurements and cut your rails and steel down. Make sure you cut your steel 3/8” shorter than the rails, this accounts for the welds on the pegs. (this is not a step in the video since your gates are outside our standard kits) General rule of thumb is to have an inch gap. If you want an inch gap here is the formula to cut the rails and steel.

Double Gates: The opening ÷ 2 – 4 3/4 = rail – 3/8” = steel. 
For instance: 120” ÷ 2 = 60” 60” – 4 3/4 = 55 1/4 = rail…… 55 1/4-3/8 = 54 7/8 = steel.

Single Gates: The opening minus 5 1/4 = Rail – 3/8” = steel
For Instance: 48 – 5 1/4 = 42 3/4 = rail – 3/8 = steel which is 42 3/8

Vinyl gates can be more expensive compared to other types of gates for several reasons.


One of the main factors contributing to the higher cost is the material itself. Vinyl is a durable and long-lasting material which provides benefits such as low maintenance, resistance to rot, warping, and insect damage. However, the production and manufacturing process for vinyl gates can be more complex and costly compared to other materials like wood or metal.


Additionally, the design and construction of vinyl gates often require precise measurements, hardware, and specialized techniques to ensure proper functionality and durability. This can contribute to the higher cost of installation and labor.


Furthermore, the demand and popularity of vinyl gates also influence their price. As vinyl gates are known for their durability, low maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal, they are often in high demand, which can drive up the price due to market forces.


It’s worth noting that while vinyl gates may have a higher upfront cost, they can offer long-term cost savings through their durability and minimal maintenance needs. They do not require regular painting or staining like wood gates, which can save you time and money on maintenance in the long run.


Ultimately, the cost of a vinyl gate will depend on various factors such as size, style, design complexity, and the specific manufacturer or supplier. It’s advisable to compare prices from different sources and consider the overall value and benefits that a vinyl gate can provide before making a purchase decision.


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