Vinyl Fence Panels

Vinyl Fence Panels

Vinyl fencing became popular in the 90s for a few reasons. These fence panels are easy to assembled and the vinyl Fencing panels are maintenance free and they are affordable. Not all vinyl fence panels are the same, some are pre-assembled and some come in pieces. Assembled white vinyl fence panels are not easy to work with. They seem easy when you look at the idea of the installation but installing them is a different story.

Pre-Assembled Vinyl Fence Panels

Not only are we a national distributor but we started out installing back in the 40s. Our construction company Buetts Fence was contracted in 2017 to install pre-assembled panels from Home Depot. Normally we would not install those but the customer was a friend and needed help. I say this all the time and can’t really stress enough how awful these panels are! The top and bottom rail was made out of 1×3 vinyl which was glued to the pickets. I can’t tell you exactly how thin the vinyl was but it was ridiculous, paper thin! Not only were the pvc fence panels thin, the post were just as thin! We had to use a 4×4 insert because the fence would blow over without the post support.

Wholesale Vinyl Fence Panels

When you purchase from us you really are purchasing at wholesale. To get vinyl fence panels wholesale you don’t have to purchase a semi load, yes you will get better discounts but our product is already discounted. My friend in the scenario above sent more for his Home Depot fence then he would would have with us. He over paid and they defiantly under delivered. It made me sick to see what he spent vs what he received. I try to educate on a daily basis, you don’t always get what you pay for. In this case he was taken advantage of. Please don’t make this mistake! We can save you money and offer a far superior product.


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