Salt Lake City Wholesale Fence Company

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing

As Salt Lake’s Fence store, we offer great deals and many options to choose from and we sale to the public and contractors alike. Our goal is to offer you the products that you need to protect your home and business.  All of us have our business and family to protect which we are very proud to offer American made products. Salt Lake City Wholesale has many different styles and colors to help you make the best fence for your home or office.

Salt Lake City Wholesale Chainlink Store

SLC Chainlink Store is a wholesale dealer with chainlink that is 11 gauge for your home or office. For your industrial needs we offer 9 gauge chainlink and we have heights from 3 foot to 9 foot. We use a heavier wire than you will find at your local big box store. When you need schedule 40 pipe we can get that as well. The best way to help is to offer a full line up of inventory.

SLC Wholesale Vinyl

SLC wholesale vinyl fence store can get you what you need for your home and office. Vinyl privacy comes in many colors and options for you to select from. If you have horses and livestock we got you covered as well. As a wholesaler, we can  offer 2,3 and 4 rail fencing for your yard, pasture, or corral. It is very strong and the livestock do not like to chew on it. Also if you are looking for the ideal picket style fence we have many types to choose from. Our gates are manufactured with a metal frame wrapped in vinyl. We have done this to help eliminate the sagging and also made them strong enough to with stand the wind.

Salt Lake City Wholesale Fence Gate Shope

You are in luck, because the best gate store in the area is here. We manufacture all our gates with metal frames. This includes our vinyl and wood gates. By offering this feature we can build the gates you need that will last. If you visit our YOUTUBE Channel you can see how we make them and how strong they are. If you need specialty gates we can build them and deliver them straight to your font door.

Wholesale Vinyl Horse Fencing

Wholesale Vinyl Horse fencing comes in many shapes and sizes and is made with high quality vinyl. You can get the heavy duty rails for your coral or just a surrounding area. We offer panels for your livestock and they come in 2 rail, 3 rail, and  4 rail. The vinyl is made in a way where horses do not like to chew on it and it is heavy duty with extra ribs in side for strength.

2 Rail Horse Fence

2 rail fence is a great way to keep the small breeds in a pin. Your yard also looks great when it is surround by our 2 rail fencing. It is heavy duty and does stand up in many different climates and it is a very easily cared for. This is a look that you will want and it’s classy and functional and will complement many different locations such as your home or business.

3 Rail Horse Fence

3 rail horse fencing is one of the most poplar style for your corals or ranch. It is commercial grade and it has the strength to hold your live stock and it can be made into many shapes. Horses will not chew on the rails because they do not like the texture and this helps the fence to last longer. It is a very low maintenance product and does well in heat and cold alike. 3 Rail is one of the most popular styles and can be made in many shapes for your corals.

4 Rail Horse Fence

4 rail fencing is the tallest of the choices out there for your horse fencing needs. It is made from the same material as the 2 and 3 rail options. You can  make your coral any shape and size.The  Vinyl rails you will need are heavy duty and will achieve any of your fencing needs and the animals do not like to chew on this product.

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